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Mobilizing for the Climate Emergency
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Mobilizing for the Climate Emergency

Bill McKibben and Marie Toussaint in a French-American conversation, moderated by Shanny Peer Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben was among the first journalists to sound the alarm about the perils of climate change over 30 years ago, and he has continued to be a leading voice in raising awareness about climate disruption and a leader in launching an international climate movement as founder of 350.org. Marie Toussaint is a jurist and French member of the European Parliament in the Green Party and a founder of Notre affaire à tous, which has sued the French state for its inaction in the fight against global warming, and the affair mobilized 2 million people to sign an associated petition.They will reflect together on the roles policymakers, activists, journalists, and artists need to play alongside scientists in mobilizing people to care and amplifying the call to action. Please visit event Website for detailed/updated information. Image: maisonfrancaise.org
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Monday · Nov 11, 2019 · 18:00
Maison Française
515 W 116th St, New York, NY 10027, USA
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