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Clotilde & Chris McCarthy
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Clotilde & Chris McCarthy

With this duo, the French vocalist, flutiste and filmmaker Clotilde deepens her New-York born collaboration with the acclaimed pianist and keyboardist Chris McCarthy. Both inspired by the Beat Generation poets they develop a shared repertoire of dark and beautiful original pieces in French and in English around the poems of the great Brooklyn born poetess Diane Di Prima, to create a work that we can all relate to, accessible yet provocative. They present here their freshly composed repertoire Pieces of a Song. "There is no way out of the spiritual battle There is no way you can avoid taking sides There is no way that you can not have a poetics no matter what you do: plumber, baker, teacher You do it in the consciousness of making or not making your world" – Diane Di Prima, Ran Line up : Clotilde (vocal, flute, videos) // Chris McCarthy (piano, keyboard) contact abrajazzbra (at) aol .com
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Wednesday · Dec 04, 2019 · 01:00
244 Rehearsal Studios NY
244 W 54th St 10th Floor, New York, NY 10019, USA
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