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ex cm
ex cm
6 months ago

Heart Beat Vinyl

Situated in the golden vinyl triangle of the 11th Arrondissement and named after a classic War track, Heartbeat Records – open since early 2016 – is small but well curated and has more in common with specialist shops in Shibuya than the larger second hand stores normally found in Paris.  Prior to opening the shop, owner Melik Bencheikh spent many years working in distribution in London and it shows. The selection is a painstakingly curated mix/range of jazz, soul, disco and funk rarities in tip top condition with a large selection of rare (and mint!) house and techno 12”s – informed as much by time spent at Plastic People in London as Paris’ more leftfield clubs. Perhaps one of the best places to find serious US disco 12”s in Paris, it’s a regular haunt of DJs like Dmitri from Paris.