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ex cm
ex cm
6 months ago


Open since January 2017, DDD records combines an on-point selection of techno and house with a punk attitude, emerging out of owner Xavier’s DJ sets, where he sold records straight off the turntables. The shop also stays true to a more underground way of selling records – no shop frontage, small in-store events showcasing upcoming producers and DJs, and a related series of events at La Java nightclub. As well as a selection of up-to-the-minute house and techno, the shop boasts some unexpected selections in its corridor-like space, hidden away in the Paris offices of Club Maté. Here you are as likely to find a stash of early ’90s Italian tribal 12”s or a batch of Caribbean zouk as you are the newest releases from labels like Berceuse Heroique or Don’t be Afraid. The shop is set to move north to a bigger space in the 18th Arrondissement over the summer, combining forces with Parisian record dealer Vincent Privat to bring in more second hand stock, which is certainly something to look forward to.