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Create a List

Create a List

Be the insider in the community and add your recommendations to our Lists, or even create a list of your own recommendations.

This is how you can create a List of your own (only for page owners):

  • Click on the Post icon on your main screen and choose List from the icons tray.
  • Add an image to your List, you know, just for the atmosphere..
  • Add a clear title to your List
  • Select which categories your List speaks to
  • Tell us a little bit about your List in the Description and start add recommendations to your list by clicking on the Add button.

Adding to the List

Search for your place, products or anything you want to add to your List and if you don't find it, just create your own. It's easy.

You can add address, website, phone number and free text for your recommendation.

That’s it! Create your own List HERE!

Thank you for making this community better and wiser!

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