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Healthy Done Better

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Its a healthy food market filtered into low sodium low sugar high fiber healthy fats and spices for health. My husband is the founder of Healthy Done Better, He faced a weight of 400 lbs, type 2 diabetes, and a body that was giving way under the pressure. Instead of just barely scratching the surface trying to fix his problem, He decided to dig deep and find a better solution. To dig into the knowledge of doctors and health proponents to put together the pieces of the puzzle to solve his problem. Little did He know that many key insights would come his way in the course of this journey.

He had known that what he really needed was not to go on a diet, but to change his lifestyle and understand how our bodies really work. He also started with the assumption that no one thing would be the magic bullet, and so He must find as many ways to attack the problem to be successful as He could.

The result he lost 165 pounds (74.84 kg) in the course of less than 15 months, reversed my type 2 diabetes, solved his sleep apnea arising from the weight and obcourse with my help and support him through cooking and look after what we eat. He began to understand what the key to much of eating was approaching things from a “glycemic first” view of food and food options and a trick I use to this day is to look at foods as if He were a diabetic and understand their impact, how to mitigate any negative effects and take responsibility for when “He choose” to eat less healthy.

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