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Haven for Restoration
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Haven for Restoration

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Mental Health
Haven for Restoration provides counseling and psychosocial services to individuals, couples and families in the Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. Services can be delivered either in person or via telehealth for any residents of Texas. We also offer Life Coaching Services which can be accessed by anyone in any part of the world. Haven for Restoration provides a safe space for people to come and share their unique life challenges, receive practical tools to overcome the same, and unleash their greatest potential. We honor the uniqueness of every client and always aim to deliver services in a culturally competent manner. It is our goal that everyone who walks into our doors will feel safe, heard and accepted and leave with a sense of hope, renewal and restoration. ​ Mental Health is something that is often overlooked. As immigrants we go through different transitions when we move here. We leave our countries of origin and set out in faith and search of better lives for ourselves and our families. This transition isnt always easy and can be taxing on our mental health. Our mental health affects our physical health. Neglecting our mental health puts us at risk for chronic illnesses such as strokes, heart attacks, among other illnesses. On this platform you will: * Find a safe space to share mental health challenges with likeminded people. * Receive expert advice on how to deal with mental challenges * Receive practical tools to help you navigate life and not feel ‘stuck’ anymore
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