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Bay Area Transportation: How to get around

Bay Area Transportation: How to get around

San Francisco and the Bay area are full of ways to commute if you don’t have a car. These are the main means of transportation:

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, regional subway / train system):

-All lines get to San Francisco, except the Richmond-Fremont line.

From the East bay: use lines that are going to SFO, Daly City, or Millbrae to go through the city.

From the peninsula:  all lines will go through the city.

-To get to SOMA ride to Montgomery and Powell stops.

-Embarcadero stop is good for the Financial District.

BART closes after midnight, and only certain lines are open.

And the fare? Each stop has different prices, depending on what stop you are planning on getting off at. You can find a chart of prices on the BART website. You can load your clipper card online so you don’t have to pay in the stations. The clipper cards can be found in most convenience/drug stores, and also online.


CalTrain is good for commuting from the peninsula/Silicon Valley. It only has one rout, but this route stops at all of the major cities between SF and San Jose. The end of the line is right by AT&T Park, in the SOMA area of SF.

Fares range from $7-20

Muni (SF bus system)

The Muni bus and metro system runs throughout the city of San Francisco. It operates buses, trains, cable cars, and the F-line streetcar. You can use your clipper card, one-way fares are $2.75.

These are the most common bus lines that you’re probably going to use if you ever use the bus:

38-Geary: Goes from the Richmond District to the Financial District, goes in a straight line down Geary

10-Townsend: Goes between Pacific Heights and Potrero Hill, great for going between FiDi and SOMA – it travels right through both

E: Goes from Fisherman’s Wharf to SOMA via Embarcadero, ends at the CalTrain station

F: Goes from Fisherman’s Wharf to The Castro via Embarcadero and Market

KT: This is both the K and the T line, it switches names midway through the route. Goes down Market and Embarcadero, good for getting to the Financial District or SOMA

14-Mission: Goes from Daly City to downtown, goes right through the mission district and travels down Market

AC Transit (East Bay bus system):

The East Bay bus system is great - fast, reliable, and safe.  Value on clipper cards can be used to pay the fare, it’s normally $1-3.

AC Transit also has transbay busses that take you between SF and cities in the East Bay.


Ferry transportation in the San Francisco area is only getting better and better. The ferry can take you from multiple locations around San Francisco (AT&T Park, Ferry Building, Fisherman’s Wharf, South SF) to different locations in the Bay Area, including Marin, Vallejo, Alameda, and Oakland. Fares depend on the route but typically range from $5-10 one way.

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