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Igbo Kwenu
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Igbo Kwenu

This is a group for Igbo people and anyone who appreciates Igbo culture. Here we can share details of our culture like music, festival, language, dance etc.
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Umu Igbo ndeewo nu ooo. Enwere ihe mchoro iju unu. Obu eziokwu n'afo a bu otutu nsogbu wee bia, ma ekele diri chukwu n'anyi di ndu taa. Otua ana-abanye onwa ekeresimeesi, agam acho ka anyi mee obere emume na ihe ima akaniru nye umu anyi. Anyi ga eme emume na ima aka n'iru aa na zoom. Ihe ima aka n'iru a bu iji kwadoo anyi ma kwadoo kwa umu anyi ka ha na asu Igbo.N'ihe ima aka n'irua, umuaka ga akoro anyi akuko ifoo. Anyi ga acho ka ha koo akuko aa n'etinyeghi okwu oyibo dika but, and, so, etc Nwata ga emekasi ofuma na ihe ima aka n'iru aa ga enweta $75 (dola iri asaa na ise) onye nke abuo ga enweta $50 ( dola iri ise) onye nke ato ga enweta $25 (dola iri abuo na ise). Ndi ga acho ka umu ha soro na ihe ima aka n'iru a ga edetaram ozi na 4434314369. Anyi nweta mmadu ise rue mmadu iri ga acho iso na emume aa. Anyi ga etinye ubochi onye nile ga agbako na zoom we mee emume aa na ihe ima aka n'iru.

Igbo ndi Oma ekelemu unu ooo. Welcome to the group everybody. A little introduction here and I will be using English and Igbo for those who admire our beautiful culture but can't speak or understand our language. Abum nwada Chinwendu Iwu. Onye ngor-okpala di n'ala imo steeti. I have been in the states for a while now. I am a graduate of the University of Nigeria( AIFCE campus) and currently studying here in the states to be a dentist. I am a proud mother of one. I have a plus one. This group was born out of my desire to have a platform on homeis that will be an Avenue for us to Express and introduce our culture to the world. It hurts me to see what is happening these days; the fact that a lot of kids and adults today don't know how to speak our language (no judgment here) and if care is not taken, our language may become diluted and may face risk of disappearing because it is a fact that a lot of languages are rapidly disappearing. And I will say it's as a result of Englishanalization (don't mind the word though). This group is a place where you can be yourself as nwafo Igbo. I strongly welcome all opinion and ideas as to how to make this group better. Ndaalu nu ooo

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