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How to help people in Africa
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How to help people in Africa

Ideas on how we can help Africa and the poor citizens.
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First of all this group is awesome!!! 💯 Hello Everyone 👋🏾 My name is Yemisrach & this is how my organization is helping vulnerable people in Africa. The biggest need here is food & education. Streets of Hope (that’s the name of the organization) is helping in these area of child’s lives. Please to learn more about what I do, follow on IG/FB @streetsofhope.e & visit the website @ streetsofhope.net

gf.me/u/y42umv Please, an African sister named Ashley need your help. She is a suicide survival and still suffers mental illness. She couldn’t afford to feed her baby nor her self so she decided to end her life but survived. Mental health plagues the west African community. My people who are looking for people to help abeg help this lady with her baby. Due to covid, she lost everything. She had to pull her daughter away from school because she couldn’t afford public school. This is going to be another girl growing up with no education and we can’t afford that anymore in the new Nigeria we are creating. God bless you as you help her!

Kindly support my private charity organization. Let’s not forget our country, Ghana.

Hello Folks.....I am a retired engineer and would like to get involved in some engineering projects to help African people and their economies. Anybody aware of any American firm/NGO working in any African country?

Has anyone got any business ideas for Africa that need to be actualized?

Homeisقم بعملية تسجيل الدخول لترى المزيد من ميزاتنا ومشاركاتنا المثيرة.تسجيل الدخول هناهل لديك حساب؟