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People from Cameroon living in the USA and whoever who wants to know more about Cameroon 💃🏾.
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What will I bring here from my hometown?

Be an Expert!

In light of this current coronavirus crisis, we understand more than ever how important our community is. Whether it is through access to information, resources and aid, or just a bit of comfort that reduces our anxiety, this is our time to stick together.

We want to introduce you our homeis Experts! A group of vetted community experts from a range of fields that are here to give free advice, support and knowledge.

It does not end here. We believe that the community can benefit when people from within the community step up and help each other.

So, if you think you too are an expert in your field and can help the community in any way. Please tell us here about you or drop an email at info@homeis.com.

Stay Indoors, Stay Safe. Take Care.

Imagine if you had a reliable support system when you moved here? what a difference that could have made to your relocation experience.

And now imagine you have the power to make that impact on someone else’s life.

That is the DNA of the homeis Insiders program.

This is open to all - Students, Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Professionals.

If you are passionate about helping your community, strengthening it and connecting people, then you are welcome to join our Insider's brigade. Fill this form to apply!

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