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Mykstore is a Ohio State registered company. We deal in online business entrepreneurship. We have our own clothes line (maxbomb.co) and we also have a simple to fo online business.

We have a FREE website builder to give to whoever wants to build a personal or business websites:

With this website, you can :

1. Build your own / business websites.

2. Build your online store.

3. Build your landing pages.

All for FREE, you will never have to ever pay for it and no credit card is required.

Check my business link to access:

1. The online business link.

2. Free website builder and hosting

3. Our online career and skill development training platform.

4. Our clothes line link

Should you need more info: please send me a TEXT through my contact number with the subject: Business info. Do not call because I receive too many calls and most information are better in text chat than audio call, since you can always refer back to the chat history.

Start 2021 Big and great with a determination.

The difference between the successful and the not is the action taken by both.

* Online business is the way forward.

* Cut your own piece of the pie.

* If others are doing it , so can you.

* If others have been successful, so can you.

To you success.


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