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Talabs Courier Services

What are you shipping? Talabs Courier is your one stop Courier Company dealing with both Air and Sea Cargo. Please feel free to send us an email today,and we will be more than happy to help you with all your shipping needs to Nigeria.
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TALABS COURIER SERVICES IS RECEIVING SEA CARGO SHIPMENTS. YOUR SHIPMENTS NEED TO BE IN THE OFFICE BY November 13,2020 For a faster, cheaper, and more reliable way to send goods and personal effects to your loved ones in NIGERIA and other AFRICAN countries. email us at: Talabs2017@gmail.com for more information call us at: Cell: 470-519-3488 WE SHIP RUNNING AND NONE RUNNING (SALVAGE) CARS! (PLEASE CALL FOR SHIPPING AND CLEARING COST) RECOMMENDED BOXES (UHAUL) AND COSTS (16 X 12X 12) $70.00 (18. X 18 X 16) $120.00 (18 X 18 X 24) $ 140.00 SHORT WARDROBE (24 X 20 X 34) $280.00 EXTRA LARGE BOX (24X18X24) $200.00 LARGE DRUM - $450.00 TRAVELLING BAGS AND SUITE CASES START FROM $80 AND UP CALL FOR FURTHER PRICING INFORMATION CALL 470-519-3488......OTHER SIZES WILL BE CHARGED AS APPROPRIATE. for more information call us at: Cell: 470-519-3488

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