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Get your immigration question answered now!
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Get your immigration question answered now!

I am an experienced immigration advocate, I worked in different organizations. I have helped people with their immigration journey and I had many success with my clients. I’m creating this group to help immigrant like me to navigate this complex system and to get the best out of it by sharing my experience, knowledge and inspiration. I am not an immigration attorney and everything said here is based on my opinion, experience, work done in the past with immigration attorneys and with our clients. Everyone is welcome here, but we want respect. I will answer questions, I will do research to help you get the information needed and I will make YouTube videos to make your life easier for you. Because, all I want is for you to succeed in your immigration journey; especially, if money is scarce. Also, if you live in NY I might perhaps tell you about nonprofit organizations where you can get an attorney to help you for free. All you needs to do is to let me know on my YouTube comment section ( write your comments) I will get back to you. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCFpQPcNB7YWWEGSVK55k6ow/videos
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