About us


We’ve created Homeis because we know first hand how deep the experience of being foreign-born is. When you ask us what home is, we don’t have an easy answer. It’s complicated. We have the city we chose to live in and call home, and then we have our culture, the country we come from, which we call home as well. And it’s a big part of our identity, it’s who we are.

Homeis was created to help people like us, who belong here and there, and feel that the Internet is undeserving them. We’ve witnessed how difficult it is for local foreign-born communities to digitally connect, share their culture, their local knowledge, and unique context. We saw how important these communities are in one’s life, how supportive they can be, and how effective their common wisdom can be to its members.

So we decided it’s time to give foreign-born communities a dedicated comprehensive product. A product that understands them really well, and most importantly - empowers them. It’s what we’re here for. While local culture networks have always existed, our mission is to use technology and innovation to turn these invisible groups into visible communities.

Homeis was founded in Feb 2017 in NYC and Tel Aviv. We’ve launched our first community in Dec 2017, and are planning to open many more in the next months. As most foreign-born people, we are BIG dreamers. Join us!

Meet the team

Ran Harnevo
CEO, Co founder
Hanan Lashover
CTO, Co founder
Asaf Porat
Ady Levy
VP, Engineering
Shlomi Platzman
Head of Design
Karin Bar
Head of Content
Asaf David
Software Engineer
Ron Fogel
Software Engineer
Sergey Muhlinin
Software Engineer
Or Schneider
Software Engineer
Daniella Rilov
Head of Israeli Community
Varsha Ahir
Head of Indian Community
Carla Benhamou
French Community Manager
Lilach Dahan
Head of Digital Marketing