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Write a Guide

Write a Guide

A Guide is your mic to share the things you know, the lessons you can teach, your story, your experience, your ideas. When it comes from trusted community members, the value of a guide is priceless.

How to write a Guide?

A Guide is also a feature that is available to you if you are a page owner on homeis.

To Publish a Guide,

On your home screen, click Post and choose Guide from the icons tray.

If you are a Page owner at homeis, you can choose to publish your Guide directly from your Page profile by clicking the arrow at the top of your Post screen and choosing Page you wish to publish from.

It’s optional, but we gave you the option to add an image to your Guide.

Add a clear title to your Guide, select which categories your guide is related to, write as much as you like, and click Publish!

Click HERE to publish a guide!

That’s it, Thank you for making this community better.

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Ankit· Dec 15, 05:25
Kisaan ekta zindabaad
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