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Post a Recommendation

Any new city sometimes feels so big, interesting, turbulent, full of... but there is not so much to follow everything that happens in it.

This country is the kind of place that tends to make us feel a constant feeling of FOMO (Fear of missing out). So how do you take over everything? The best way to get to know the country / city has always been word of mouth.

This is where your recommendations comes into play! Help members of the homeis community get to know the best places, the amazing reality to dig for, the dishes that remind you of the house or the attractions that will upgrade their weekend.

Post testimonials about experiences, restaurants, products, or anything else you'd like to tell the community about! Help us all reduce the sense of FOMO and enjoy the best corners of the country / city. So how do you do that?

Simply click ‘Post’. Choose "Recommendation" from the icons tray, enter the place/service you want to recommend, describe you recommendation and click Publish. If you want to publish it to a page or in a group, click the small dropdown arrow on the top and you will see a list of all your pages or groups.

If you are a Group admin or Page owner at homeis, you can choose to publish directly as your Channel or your Business Page by clicking the arrow at the top of your post screen and choose the Group or Page you wish to publish from.

Recommendations can be saved by simply by clicking Save. All your saved items are visible on the top right corner of your home page.

So get started. Tell us about your favorite place or recommend service that you really enjoyed HERE! Thank you for making this community better.

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