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Petrol prices in December 2020

The changing petrol prices in the UAE impact everyone living in the country. Car owners in Dubai and other emirates are aware that the slightest increase in UAE fuel prices may affect their monthly expenses and increase their overall cost of living in the UAE.

Motorists and new car owners in the country can breathe a sigh of relief as the UAE fuel prices will remain unchanged for December 2020! After March 2020, when prices went down slightly, the fuel prices in the UAE have remained steady since April 2020.

The change in the petrol price in UAE can be a deciding factor for those who choose between using public transport or a car for their daily commute. Here’s our latest update on the cost of petrol in Dubai.


The rate mentioned above is the Dubai petrol price per litre for the entire month of December, which is also applicable to other emirates in the UAE. Previously, both diesel and petrol prices in the UAE saw a decline in October and November 2019 but went up in December 2019.

In January and February 2020, fuel prices in Dubai remained unchanged. The UAE fuel prices decreased for the first time this year in March and April 2020 and have remained stable ever since.

For December 2020, petrol rates in Dubai and other parts of the UAE will remain the same as November. So, motorists in the capital city can also expect to pay a similar petrol price.

The same per-litre petrol rate in Dubai will be available throughout December 2020 at ENOC, EPPCO, ADNOC and Emarat petrol stations across the city.

Oil prices in Dubai and other markets around the world have been fluctuating in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But there has been some recovery in the price of crude oil in Dubai over the last couple of months.

That’s the lowdown on the new fuel prices in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. You can always check back for the latest petrol rate in the UAE, as we update this blog regularly. Make sure to subscribe to the MyBayut newsletter for updates on the latest events, attractions and news!

Now that you know the fuel price in the UAE for December 2020, you can refuel at one of the petrol stations in Dubai. If you don’t have the time, you can rely on Cafu, a mobile fuel service in the UAE, which is offered at a nominal extra charge. If you use an environment-friendly electric vehicle in the city, here are some places to charge your electric car in Dubai.

If you drive a vehicle in Dubai, you must be aware of all the traffic rules and regulations that apply to you. Catch up on the latest updates relating to motorists in Dubai, including the road speed limits in Dubai and the applicable parking charges in Dubai.

If you are a resident of the capital, familiarise yourself with the parking rules in Abu Dhabi, which are different from Dubai. Also, if you travel back and forth between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, make sure to register for Salik Abu Dhabi

What do you think of the current petrol price in the UAE? Let us know in the comments below!

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