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Hiring a nanny in the UAE
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Hiring a nanny in the UAE

Childcare in the United Arab Emirates

If you would prefer not to go the pre-school route and want to have your child stay home with you or a nanny, there are factors you need to be aware of.

When employing a nanny, it also means you could be responsible for sponsoring their visa, as most nannies in the UAE come from abroad.

This implies fees for the visa, in addition to the monthly remuneration. In other cases, you might need to provide accommodation, transport, and a flight ticket back to their home country for their annual leave.

There are regulations in place to avoid exploitation of nannies and domestic help.

The best way to hire a nanny would be through licensed recruitment agencies who will advise you.

 Good to know:

  • Public kindergartens and free childcare facilities in the UAE are only for Emiratis. For ex-pats, there are several private options, but those are mainly located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
  • Education in the UAE is free for Emiratis only.
  • You can get fined or go to jail if you hire a nanny without a proper visa.

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