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Healthcare in UAE
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Healthcare in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, you will find clinics, public and private hospitals, and primary health care centres. There are also many pharmacies available in all the emirates. The health system in the United Arab Emirates meets international standards, thanks to modern medical technology. There are also a lot of skilled expats who work in the health sector.

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The UAE has also brought world-class hospitals to the country in order to provide top-quality healthcare. World-renowned hospitals now have branches in the country like Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

How the health system works in the UAE

You will be required to Apply For a Health Card in UAE upon your arrival in the UAE. You can apply online with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) or by visiting any of the primary health care centres.

You will be required to provide two passport-size pictures of yourself, proof of employment, and a copy of your valid passport, as well as your Emirates ID (which you will get once you obtain your resident visa). The fees for a health card are AED 320 for individuals aged 18 and above, and AED 120 for those who are 10 years old or younger.

Health insurance in the UAE

Depending on how much you earn, you might also wish to subscribe to a private health insurance. There are many insurance companies to choose from, according to your needs and budget. Some of the leading global health insurance providers are:

Most expatriates prefer the private healthcare system as it offers them a wider range of medical services. That said, you might want to keep your health card handy anyway just in case. Most companies include a comprehensive health care package with their employment offer, so make sure to double-check yours.

Compulsory health insurance

Since 2015, all foreign nationals living in Dubai have to subscribe to a minimum health insurance through the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

This measure is intended to get rid of any inequalities in the local healthcare system.

This compulsory health insurance provides coverage in case of emergencies, as well as for visits to a general practitioner, basic and comprehensive tests, and for prescribed medication.

It also applies to physiotherapy, maternity follow-ups, and surgical operations. Check with your employer regarding this. If you have domestic help, drivers, or nannies, you will be responsible for their health insurance as well.

Dubai Healthcare City

In Dubai, the government's strategy is to attract visitors to the UAE for medical and other wellness services dubbed as “healthcare tourism”. Dubai Healthcare City was founded in 2002 and is the world's largest healthcare free zone.


Avoid drinking tap water in the United Arab Emirates. Bottled water is recommended.

Avoid long exposure to the sun and heat.

Avoid importing drugs for medical purposes without informing the concerned authorities.

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Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates

Ministry of Health of Dubai

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