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Desi Hangover Cures
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Desi Hangover Cures

What usually follows an awesome night with friends is headache, nausea and a general sense of feeling like crap. We make promises to ourselves that we'd not go so crazy again, but then, after making the same promise to ourselves at least a 100 times over, here we are waking up with a terrible hangover...again! Well, there's little one can do about it, really. It's that hard-earned weekend and you're meeting your friends after what seemed like the longest week of your life - one really can't blame you for getting a little carried away.

Since, we can't really help our wild and crazy night outs, let's prepare a little for the hangover the next day. Here are 11 Desi food items that will help your body recover from that nasty morning after. Be prepared this New Years Eve and all the other times you intend to party in the future.

Egg bhurji: Scrambled egg or egg bhurji has plenty of protein for your weakened body. Moreover, eggs are packed with large amounts of cysteine, which is an amino acid that helps clear the leftover toxins in the body.

Maggi with loads of cheese: While carbs in the form of maggi will provide a comfortable cushion to your unstable stomach, cheese will provide protein to help your body recover faster.

Tomato soup: Even the readymade packets would work. The salt in the tomato soup will help you retain water that your dehydrated body desperately needs right now.

Banana shake: Bananas are one of the most nutritious fruits ever. They are great as a hangover cure because they are gentle on the stomach. Moreover, if you’ve been throwing up, you need all the potassium you can get and bananas can provide that in abundance.

Idly sambar: Rice idlies are great for soaking up all those toxins left in your stomach after a wild night. Idlies are a tasty and great way to give your stomach some cushion.

Aloo chaat: Carbs in the form of fried potato is just out of this world for an occasion. When hungover and feeling like crap, nothing will lift your mood like a plateful of aloo chaat.

Curd rice: This is the best cure for a hungover you, especially if you’ve been throwing up. While the rice will form a soft cushion in your stomach, the curd will give you some relief from all that acidity.

Masala oats: Probably the easiest thing to put together, a bowl of hot masala oats is rich in all kinds of nutrients. Plenty of vitamin B, magnesium and iron is great to cure a terrible hangover.

Dhokla fry: This light Gujarati snack is a great cure for hangover as it forms a soft cushion in your beaten stomach. Moreover, it is delicious and that will help you get rid of the vomit after taste still lingering in your mouth.

While the above food items are surely effective in curing your hangover, in the probability that it still doesn't work, here are some other tips:

  • Water. Lots of it
  • Vitamin Drinks Hangover Cure
  • Orange Juice, Eggs & Common Eatables
  • Antacids
  • Coffee
  • Artificial Rehydration like Electrolyte water
  • Painkiller 
  • Exercise
  • Ginger Tea

We're saving the best tip for the last. Because this helps in preventing a hangover and not curing one. No, we're not asking you to not drink.

It is Himalaya Party Smart Capsules. Trust us, these are great and helps you party to the fullest without worrying about a hangover the next morning.

Have a great New year.

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