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Apply For a Health Card in UAE

Apply For a Health Card in UAE

If you’re not covered by private health insurance, you must apply for a health card, which entitles you to low cost medical treatment at government hospitals and clinics. These are issued by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD). Even with private health insurance, it is perhaps sensible to have a health card, as not all policies will cover you for certain treatments; in these cases it may be cheaper to go to a government hospital or clinic.


  • UAE resident

What to bring

  • Passport with residence visa
  • Resident ID
  • Passport-sized photos (two)
  • Covering letter from sponsor (copy)
  • Application form typed in Arabic
  • Dhs.500 application fee


  • Pick up an application form from Rashid, Latifa or Dubai hospitals, or from the Disease Prevention and Screening Centre in Abu Dhabi.

  • Submit the application form along with the above documents.

  • The clinic will process your card on the same day.

Enhancing Smart Services

A health ministry spokesperson explained that activating such services was part of the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the country to curb the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

The ministry added: “We are in the process of further promoting our electronic channels to have easy access to our services after the temporary closure of some of customer happiness centers.”

“The provision of these services is aligned with the government’s trends in terms of the smart transformation of services and making them available to customers. This would help improve the governmental performance of institutions and enhance the customer’s confidence,” said the health ministry.

“These services are part of our endeavors to provide comprehensive and innovative health services, at all levels, and to foster the use of smart services and make them available to our customers. This would help improve the performance of government institutions and enhance the confidence of the customer.

We continue to develop our services and to actively participate in developing policies and strategies, as well as to align with the qualitative transformations of the country and the aspirations of the wise leadership in terms of exploring the future and enhancing the vision of the UAE to be among the world’s best governments 2021,” the health ministry spokeperson said.

The health ministry futher underlined its keenness to streamline the provision of health services in general and to the people of determination particularly.

This ensures that customers have access to easy, simplified, efficient and transparent government services around the clock that meet needs and expectations.

What can be applied throuh the health ministry website?

  • You can apply for the following services through MoHAP’s website and smart application
  • Health Card Issuance Service bit.ly/2UiYnzs
  • Health Card Renewal Service bit.ly/3901l16
  • Issuing a health card for people of determination: bit.ly/2WlFWge

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